K I M O C K In spring 2016, an exciting, new, intimate ensemble debuted called
K I M O C K, when Steve partnered with John Morgan Kimock (drummer, composer, multi-instrumentalist).  The project was inspired by SK’s critically acclaimed solo record Last Danger of Frost, as a a vehicle to present some new music on the road, Moving forward they have continued to orchestrate musical styles across genres and generations. Fans encounter a listening experience that spotlights Steve’s remarkable tone in an intuitive flow of Eastern and Western folk music, heartfelt acoustic guitar, ambient electronic expressions, inventive covers and reinvented classics, and contemporary compositions. Steve’s longtime bass-playing left hand, Bobby Vega, who will brings 30 years’ worth of chemistry and collaboration, deep grooves and rich tones to the mix is on the road with his long-time friend. Added to that is vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Leslie Mendelson,  whom the duo has composed new songs with.  This inspired new project has been touring throughout the year and went into the studio to record an EP, planned to be released in 2017.

K I M O C K invites audiences to lean in, listen and experience the symbiosis.


Steve Kimock & Friends

SKF01-S0000232caWhenever Kimock puts a couple of his “friends” together for this improvisational rock band project, you know magic is in the air. Since it’s inception in the early 90’s, the ever-evolving group has featured a cast of characters second-to-none including singer-songwriters, Hammond B-3 players, rock guitarists, master bassists and a list of musicians so long it could have it’s own page on this site. For the past few years Kimock has been using SK&F as a vehicle for his rock/dance band format which has played many sold-out shows and festivals around the country featuring Jeff Chimenti, Bobby Vega, Jay Lane, Leslie Mendelson, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, John Kimock, Wally Ingram,  & more!

Steve Kimock

Steve Kimock hit the road in 2012 under his own moniker featuring his mastery of small band improvisation. For his first large-scale touring project in two years, he brought along for the ride, Wizard of Woo Bernie Worrell on keys (Parliament Funkadelic, Talking Heads), drummer Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, David Lindley), and bassist Andy Hess (Gov’t Mule, Black Crowes). The band played new original material while celebrating Kimock’s rich catalog of music more than 30 years in the making.


ZEROThe quintessential San Francisco jamband, one of the first of it’s genre, ZERO is a hyrbid of experimental psychedelic rock with classic rock undertones. Kimock and Greg Anton formed ZERO in 1984 and for the next two decades the project would feature some of the best talent on the California circuit including legendary guitarist, John Cipollina, Martin Fierro, Bobby Vega, Nicki Hopkins, Pete Sears, Chip Roland, Judge MurphyLiam Harrahan, Tony Saunders and others. Later inceptions would include collaborations with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter (penning lyrics for a couple albums) and special appearances by vocalist, Donna Godchaux. Together ZERO released four highly-collected albums, hundreds of live recordings, and occasionally appear out of nowhere in select continental cities.


PRAANGPRAANG was born in December of 2006, due to the most unusual circumstances. Thanks to the legendary blizzards in Denver, which closed local airports for consecutive days, four unlikely musicians came together to save an almost snowed out show with no notice, no plan and no rehearsal. Featuring Steve Kimock on guitar with Michael Travis and Jason Hann of EOTO and String Cheese Incident fame, and Jamie Janover of Zilla, this project is purely experimental, instrumental and continues to play occasional performances, rain, snow or shine.



THE EVERYONE ORCHESTRA is a revolving cast of stellar musicians conducted by founder Matt Butler. EO performances are designed to span musical genres and break the boundaries of how an audience experiences music. It’s a celebratory, interactive, improvisational experiment orchestrated by a mad scientist conductor! Kimock has performed with Everyone Orchestra on numerous occasions and has this to say about his experience:

“It’s just fun,” said Kimock. “The thing that the Everyone Orchestra is about for me is the conducting. Obviously, there is whatever chemistry between the individual players. But the success of the concept in my head is how the conductor is doing, how he’s managing to communicate with the audience – the audience is part of the performance, which I think is totally cool – and how he’s relating to the band. I’ve performed with the Everyone Orchestra a few times now, and every time we’ve done it, it’s just become more and more fun. It’s easier to do, and the conducting has gotten more sophisticated, more musical, and more humorous. I think at that last performance at 10,000 Lakes, I was just totally stoked on the direction. It’s a real pleasure for me to participate in that format.”

Steve Kimock & Billy Goodman Duo

SK_BG June 2012 _Dead FlowersFor duo shows both nationally and internationally, Kimock joins old friend and former band mate, Billy Goodman, a slide impresario and acclaimed singer songwriter, who has been living in Germany for more than 15 years. The two musicians met in the early 70′s while playing in the greater Philadelphia area and lived on a commune outside of Bethlehem, PA before migrating to San Francisco with their band, the Goodman Brothers. In addition to select performances in the U.S., Kimock & Goodman have toured throughout Germany, also appearing in Switzerland. They have also provided support for Hot Tuna and Little Feat tours. The duo continues to unite both stateside and across the pond for inspired performances that combine the magic of guitar and song.
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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine

Steve Kimock Crazy Engine, photo Dan SavageCrazy Engine toured in 2009-2010 when Kimock teamed up with legendary Hammond B3 player Melvin Seals, known for his twenty years with the Jerry Garcia Band, as well as his son, John Morgan Kimock on drums. Rounding out the quartet is accomplished singer-songwriter and cello player, Trevor Exter, who was plucked out of the NYC indie music scene to fill the roll of bass and vocals.

Other Projects

Kimock has also performed in a number of nationally touring projects including with Bruce Hornsby, the Other Ones, Rhythm Devils, Heart of Gold Band, Ratdog , Phil & Friends, Missing Man Formation, Little Women, Kingfish among others. From 1998-1999 he toured with KVHW.  From 2000-2006 he toured with the Steve Kimock Band. For a complete list of projects, check out the Press Room.