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A Love Supreme Celebration w/ Henry Kaiser, Reed Mathis, John Hanrahan, Larry Ochs, Bob Bralove feat Steve Kimock

January 9th 2018

A Love Supreme Celebration w/ Henry Kaiser, Reed Mathis, John Hanrahan, Larry Ochs, Bob Bralove feat Steve Kimock
Saturday Feb 3, 2018 | Sweetwater Music Hall

Steve Kimock – Guitar
Henry Kaiser – Guitar
Larry Ochs – Saxophone
Bob Bralove – Keyboards
Reed Mathis – Bass
John Hanrahan – Drums

Doors: 8:00 PM | Show: 9:00 PM | All Ages
$30 Advance/ $35 Day of show (plus fees)


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Praang feat. Steve Kimock, Michael Travis, Jason Hann, Jamie Janover w/ Templo at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

January 9th 2018

PRAANG feat. Steve Kimock, Michael Travis (SCI/EOTO), Jason Hann (SCI/EOTO), Jamie Janover w/ Templo

 Feb 17, 2018
Doors: 8:00 PM 
Show: 9:00 PM (ends at 2:00 AM)

16 and over

$20 Early Bird
$25 Advance 
$30 Day Of Show
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The Return of Voodoo Dead – April 27th & 28th 2018!

January 9th 2018

7th Annual Nolafunk Series During Jazz Fest

Voodoo Dead featuring Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti (Dead & Co.), Jackie Greene, George Porter Jr., and JM Kimock (Mike Gordon Band)
plus special guests TBA.

Friday April 27, 2018
Republic NOLA – 9PM  Doors | 10PM Show
Ticket Link:

Saturday April 28, 2018
Republic NOLA – 9PM Doors | 10PM Show
Ticket Link:

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KIMOCK & Friends in Colorado!

October 16th 2017

Kimock loves playing Colorado and we can’t wait return with our friends. Steve Kimock & Friends featuring Jeff Chimenti, Andy Hess, John Kimock & Leslie Mendelson, will play two intimate shows in Denver December 15-16 at Cervantes’ Other Side.

We hope to see you there for these two special nights and the healing power of music. Even more good news, we are celebrating our new record, Satellite City.

Tickets on sale::
BUY TICKETS Friday, 12/15
BUY TICKETS Saturday, 12/16


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KIMOCK Fall Tour – Album Release

September 6th 2017

We look forward to celebrating the new KIMOCK record with shows this Fall. Join us for some album release parties in select cities.

KIMOCK FALL TOUR 2017 Album Release Party
Nov 1 Pawling, NY – Daryl’s House Club
Nov 2 New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
Nov 3 Albany, NY – Swyer Theatre @ The Egg
Nov 4 Plymouth, NH – Flying Monkey
Nov 5 Pawtucket, RI – The Met
Nov 8 Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live
Nov 9 Kent, OH – The Kent Stage

Pre-sale and VIP packages available HERE only
Public on-sale Tues. Sept 12th.

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Live Downloads : Japan Tour & Fayetteville Available Now!

February 1st 2017


Visit to download the latest high-quality recordings from Steve Kimock’s Japan tour and SKF December Fayetteville shows.

And no repeats at any of the runs… enjoy!

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Kimock’s Tiny Desk Concert NPR

May 16th 2016



Watch Steve Kimock’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert, featuring Steve acoustic with his recent touring project KIMOCK with John Kimock, Bobby Vega and Leslie Mendelson.

To watch the full Tiny Desk Concert visit HERE.



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K I M O C K shows available for download

April 14th 2016


All K I M O C K shows from the last week of Spring Tour are now available for download.

Visit for the latest!

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Music Tells A Story – Can You Hear It?

March 24th 2016

No Depression, March 2016 – Last Danger Of Frost, the new release from Zero guitarist and co-founder Steve Kimock and his new band, is seriously intriguing… On the second or third listen – and yes, it absolutely sucks you back in for more – pieces begin tumbling together, forming a cohesive whole, a hint at a larger picture, sketched out in tones and angles beyond the conventional “once upon a time”.

Advance Warning: Rather than try for a nice simple breakdown, this is going to go slightly off the nice, clearly marked paved road. Let’s start with a couple of statements:

Last Danger Of Frost, the new release from Zero guitarist and co-founder Steve Kimock and his new band, is seriously intriguing. It is also not immediately accessible, at least not on the first listen. It’s in good company on that one – the last album I reacted to in just this way was Richard Thompson’s Grammy-nominated Dream Attic.

Still, not all albums that don’t invite you in on the first knock merit another knock. This one definitely does.

The first listen-through left me scratching my head, while knowing quite well that I was about to go back in and listen again, to see what was what, here. On the second or third listen – and yes, it absolutely sucks you back in for more – pieces begin tumbling together, forming a cohesive whole, a hint at a larger picture, sketched out in tones and angles beyond the conventional “once upon a time”.

Frost opens with one of the most exquisite liquid cascades of acoustic playing I’ve heard in a long time. The first four songs are called “Music Tells A Story”, parts 1 through 4, each with its own subtitle. Part 1 is subtitled ‘The Old Man’, and here comes the first hint that the story the music is telling is going to be madly different from ear to ear, belly to belly, spirit to spirit. Because while Kimock may have been playing and hearing an old man, that wasn’t the story I was melting into. I found myself in a tree, somewhere in the Blue Ridge mountains, hands made of wood, in a place where people still brew their own whiskey in the back of beyond and secrets hang like mist over everything. In my story, I heard a dryad, watching invisibly, listening to all those secrets.

Part 2 is called Twelve Is Good and it takes the theme and expands it, giving it a heartbeat, an underlying rhythm that states and restates and diverts and then returns. Again, I have no idea what Kimock was hearing when he played it, but I heard the rush of seasons passing, long shadows across fields in the spring, outlines blurring under the first fall of snow. Twelve months? Twelve years old again? No idea. I only know what the story was in my own ears.

So. Having veered off the paved road, I came to my first speedbumps: Parts 3 and 4, subtitled ‘Big Sky’ and ‘Please Be Seated’ respectively. Having listened to those, I found the only two things on Frost that bounced off me, rather than inviting me in: there was a sense of playing with tones, of digital sound effects, to try for – something. Unluckily, that’s not where I live, either as a storyteller or as a listener, and the result was me having to walk away from it from a few minutes. Mind you, that impatience is purely idiosyncratic to me: both tracks are strong, they’re very present and they compel the attention. My failure to react to them beyond the cerebral is just a matter of my own need to process music viscerally. Those two, for whatever reason, had no stories to tell me.

So I went back for listen number three, verified my own growing love for the first two tracks and accepted that three and four probably weren’t going to do it for me. And then I got hit with the rest of it, and it’s absolutely stone gorgeous, straight through to the end.

“Variant” is a soft spring shower, a short piece that offers a footbridge over a bubbling stream. “Surely This Day” gives as gentle a kiss from the slide guitar as it’s possible to get. That’s followed by “Surely This Day Reprise”, and the guitar here turns you back and forth between the shadowed places of the woods and the wider road. It’s a choice that you, the listener, get to make.

And now, having been and gone and done all of it, Kimock offers up the comfort zone of an old, old friend, with the loveliest version of the classic Zero tune “Tongue ‘n Groove” I’ve ever heard. I melted into it, with the clear sense that this was a homecoming. It’s a safe house, a feather bed, inviting you in. There’s rainwater on the window outside and it doesn’t matter, because you’re inside the song, safe and warm. If the music tells a story, this one is a lullaby.

Then, just when you’re safely tucked up, we hit “The Artist Dies And Goes To Hell”. The story here is a single guitarist onstage with an entire club talking over the guitar, ignoring it, glasses clinking, voices drowning out everything, obliviousness abounding. Anyone who has ever played a club is familiar with this particular edition of Hell.

That leads the listener into the penultimate and title track on the album, “Last Danger Of Frost”. There’s a sense of trying to regulate one’s breathing, and at this point, one song away from the end of it, I realise that the order of songs must have been very deliberately chosen.

So I take a deep breath and hit the final song, “My Favorite Number”, and it’s a killer. Simple, just building tones structured around a simple descending riff in B, but the slide comes in and rides it, emphasis points and deeper echoes. This is the door closing.

Last Danger Of Frost is not so much a straight LP as it is an invitation into movement, a call from the woods and the seasons moving. This is one I’m going to be listening to over and over again, and finding a new “once upon a time” every time.

–Deborah Grabien

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March 18th 2016

sk-ldof-cvr-650We are excited to announce that Steve Kimock’s Last Danger of Frost is now available everywhere.

For Vinyl and CDs visit the Goods page.

White vinyl and other personalized exclusives visit HERE, and you will also support more new music from KIMOCK.

Album also available through Amazon.

Thank you for being part of this musical journey…to be continued!




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Video From Debut K I M O C K show!

March 17th 2016

Check out HD video from new K I M O C K fresh off the debut tour. Here’s a short clip of “Orson” and full song premiere of “Satellite City” shot at the Chapel in San Francisco; both tunes are originals from the new band.

This track, My Favorite Number, recorded at the January debut show is off SK’s new record, LAST DANGER OF FROST.










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Steve Kimock at Dixie Mattress Festival

March 15th 2016

Dixie Mattress Lineup Round 1Can’t wait to visit Oregon this summer to play with one of our all-time favorite and authentic singer/songwriters of all time at the Dixie Mattress Festival in Sandy, OR!

Steve Kimock will rock electric with Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons for two full sets Saturday night July 23rd, and then play as an acoustic duo with Jerry Joseph on Sunday, July 24th.

If you were at this 2001 Festival or City Winery during Fare Thee Well last year in Chicago, you know that each of these performances are not to be missed. Saturday also features The Bridge guitarist and singer CRIS JACOBS with special guests.

VIP tickets, event passes, and more are available HERE.


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Interview: Steve Kimock On His New Album, New Band & New Musical Pursuits

February 24th 2016

jambase_logo1 Check out the new feature and interview with Steve Kimock on his many musical pursuits. Thanks for the thoughtful words Jambase!

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SK&F at Summer Camp and Dark Star Jubilee Memorial Day Weekend

February 20th 2016

summer-campExcited to announce that Steve Kimock & Friends will play the 16th annual  Summer Camp Music Festival over Memorial Day Weekend.  SK&F line-up features Jeff Chimenti, Bobby Vega, Jay Lane, Leslie Mendelson, and Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz.  Touring with this band is such a good vibe musically it’s been said by the musicians that it feels like summer camp and they don’t want it to end….so what a better festival to play in 2016.

The 16th annual Summer Camp Music Festival will take place May 27th – 29th, 2016 at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. The festival includes 3 full days of fun, camping, and music with over 100 bands on 7 stages. Tickets are available online through the official festival web site or by phone at 1-800-514-ETIX.

Join Summer Camp’s Facebook Event

This same line-up will appear over Memorial Day Weekend at Dark Star Jubilee in Thornville, OH.

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Steve Kimock with David Lindley

February 8th 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.27.58 PM The inspiring multi-instrumentalist David Lindley in Concert with Special Guest Steve Kimock!
What an honor for Kimock to play with Mr. Dave, his hero, for the first time live.

“A David Lindley performance isn’t just an awe-inspiring demonstration of string prowess, It’s a portal to far-flung realms, a magic carpet ride skittering around the globe offering vivid glimpses of Jamaica, the Mississippi Delta, Madagascar, Turkey and Cuba.” — San Jose Mercury News

Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley performs music that redefines the word “eclectic.” Lindley, well known for his many years as the featured accompanist with Jackson Browne, and leader of his own band El Rayo-X, has long championed the concept of world music.

The David Lindley electro-acoustic performance effortlessly combines American folk, blues, and bluegrass traditions with elements from African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, Malagasy, and Turkish musical sources. Lindley incorporates an incredible array of stringed instruments including but not limited to Kona and Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar, Turkish saz and chumbus, Middle Eastern oud, and Irish bouzouki. “Mr. Dave’s” uncanny vocal mimicry and sense of humor make his onstage banter an additional highlight of the show.

A huge influence on Kimock’s playing, this show is a do not miss for any fan!


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NEW ALBUM: Last Danger of Frost

February 4th 2016

Last Danger of Frost Steve Kimock breaks new ground with his latest solo effort, Last Danger of Frost. Recorded in Kimock’s century-old Pennsylvania barn last winter before a move back to California, Last Danger of Frost offers a daring personal expression that introduces innovative techniques the guitarist discovered in a solo setting. Kimock dismantles the rock band framework and takes a full stretch to create exploratory sounds and intimate compositions that may have been waiting to be revealed – or rediscovered – the whole time.

“There are other spaces and experiences music flows into, fills, and conforms to: family, nature, travel, quiet study and contemplation, imagination, to name a few. For me, the balance of the music has shifted to ‘other,’” Kimock declares. As evidenced on Last Danger of Frost, the “other” morphs acoustic and electronic sounds, voiced by vintage guitars, synthesizers and bass. For instance, the “other” found him laying down an entire track using nothing but guitar feedback, manipulated into bird song that he overdubbed into the ambient “Big Sky”.

TO PRE-ORDER VINYL, pledge for exclusives, and get insider updates, please visit our PRE-ORDER campaign

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K I M O C K Live Session at Sweetwater

January 6th 2016
K I M O C K 2016

K I M O C K 2016

Exciting for big announcements this week!
For one, the new K I M O C K project will play a live ‘session’ at the Sweetwater on January 17th. Steve & John Kimock have been composing new music, stretching out with fresh sounds and direction and are bringing it from studio to the stage for the first time.
Also featuring Bobby Vega and Leslie Mendelson.

This special event will be a mostly seated with limited tickets available.
No audio/video taping or photography without permission.

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December 17th 2015


Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD from the SK&F Rex Benefit show at the Fillmore on 12/5. Thanks to all the musicians who made the evening so special: Bobby Vega, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane, Leslie Mendelson, Nicki Bluhm, David Hidalgo, David Bromberg, Steve Berlin, John Firman, MC Radioactive.

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Kimock at Fur Peace in 2016!

October 15th 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.22.38 PMSteve Kimock will be returning to Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch on September 23rd-September 26th  to lead workshops in Improvisational Guitar – Concepts and Techniques.

According to Kimock, “these workshops will focus on improvisational concepts and guitar techniques with the goal of finding your individual voice on the instrument. It’s all about the guitar, but bring your slides and steels! Keith Richards once said Blues was “all about bending notes” but never got to the part about which notes and how much. That’s where we’re going. In between the cracks of the keyboard and western music theory to unlock the expressive potential of the guitar from the perspective of modern blues and rock guitar styles.”

If intonation, touch, and tone are what interest you, this is where you need to be!
09/23/16 – 09/26/16
Improvisational Guitar – Concepts and Techniques

Steve Kimock will also lead a quartet for the Saturday night show at Fur Peace Station, which is of course included if you attend the workshops! Good news: Bobby Vega will also be an instructor this year.

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HD Video of Kimock & Friends

March 4th 2015

Steve Kimock – Deal – Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley CA 12/6/14 from Appleberry Pictures on Vimeo.

Kimock playing Deal at Sweetwater Music Hall 12/6/14, featuring Bobby Vega, Jeff Chimenti, Dan Lebowitz, Bill Vitt and John Morgan Kimock.


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Download SK&F Sweetwater Shows

December 26th 2013

Wulf_WolfThe memorable four-night sold-out run is now available for download. Go to and get yours.

The Steve Kimock and Friends shows from Dec 12-15 at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley, CA featured the one-of-a-kind line-up of Kimock, Jeff Chimenti, Bobby Vega, Dan Lebowitz and Bill Vitt. Kimock played the Wolf guitar on Dec 15th and also welcomed Al Schnier from Moe. as a special guest.

Also available are the recordings from Nov 22-23, another memorable SK&F run in Fayetteville, AR at George’s Majestic featuring Steve & John Kimock, Bernie Worrell and Reed Mathis.
Download HERE.

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Tongue N Groove HD Video

July 10th 2013

Watch Steve Kimock perform Tongue N Groove at the Novato Hopmonk Session Room on 3/31/2013.

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Winter and Spring Runs Available Now for Download

April 22nd 2013

What great runs we had this past winter and spring!

Want to listen to some more Kimock?

The 2013 Winter and Spring shows are now available for download.

Please visit or

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Here’s your free song by KIMOCK

September 22nd 2017

We hope you enjoy the first single and title track off KIMOCK’s new album, out October 27. Featuring Steve Kimock, John Morgan Kimock, Leslie Mendelson and Bobby Vega. Produced by Dave Schools and recorded at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios.

Click Here to Download MP3 File.

This is an MP3 file, and though most devices will play it, you might want to import it to your library using the software on your device after download.

Downloading this file on an Apple device might not work. It must be downloaded on a computer then imported through iTunes.

Contact Apple if you have trouble doing this.

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