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March 24th 2016

GLIDE Magazine, Feb, 2016
When guitar virtuoso Steve Kimock started putting together ideas for his new album, he wanted to do something that would be far removed from his previous work. Working with his son, drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist John Morgan Kimock, the guitar player set out to create a piece of work that was less reflective of his many projects in the jam band world and more of an experiment to showcase the rich textures and beauty that comes from meticulously crafting intricate compositions. The result is Last Danger of Frost, which comes out March 18th on Kimock Music.

To get the sound he was looking for, Kimock worked closely with his son to compose the tracks, which drift between Eastern and Western folk music, softly strummed acoustic guitar, ambient electronics and a fascinating range of guitar tones. There is emotion pouring out of this music, and the closeness between Kimock and his son can be felt in the organic nature and intimacy of each song. Last Danger of Frost is headphone music, yet the spacey nature of the songs make them ideal for stretching out onstage.

This is especially true for “Mother’s Song”, which we are excited to premiere on Glide Magazine. The song was written by John Morgan Kimock for another project some years before.

“I first wrote mothers song in my friend Matt’s basement when I was 19 for a my band called New Madrid Faults. It’s had a few incarnations…working on it now with the new project breathes new life into it. It’s for the moms.”

As for Steve Kimock’s connection to the song, the guitarist says simply, “I love playing ‘Mother’s Song’. Johnny writes beautiful melodies.”

Though “Mother’s Song” is not on the new album, it felts right in with the material and will be a part of the setlist for the upcoming tour. Back in January, Kimock assembled his touring lineup – a project he is calling K I M O C K – for the Last Danger of Frost, at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, CA for a special show to give fans a taste of the album in a live setting. As he will be for his upcoming tour, Kimock was joined by longtime collaborator Bobby Vega on bass, John Morgan Kimock on drums, and guest vocalist Leslie Mendelson. The band played new songs as well as a handful of covers, even bringing out the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir to join them later in the night.

Below you can hear the pristine live recording of “Mother’s Song” from Sweetwater Music Hall on January 17th:


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