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Interview with Steve Kimock

March 24th 2016

For nearly four decades the guitar playing of Steve Kimock has captivated listeners of all different musical palettes. The master improviser and bandleader is busy as ever, nearing an exciting nationwide tour with his new band K I M O C K featuring his son John Morgan Kimock on drums, familiar cohort Bobby Vega on bass, and Leslie Mendelson on vocals and piano. I’m here today with Steve to talk about this surge of new activity.

GW: Thanks for joining me Steve.

SK: You’re most welcome.

GW: There’s the famously recycled quote, “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Perhaps the same could be said of talking about music. Do you find describing your craft a challenge in that way?

SK: Yeah. There are many aspects that work fine and those can be fun discussions. At some point it gets too personal to explain as far as execution or where you might be in your head. That’s when it gets difficult [Laughs].

GW: And perhaps the listener has their own experience and interpretation when they hear the music you create. That could impress an entirely different set of expectations or ideas.

SK: I think that’s normal. There are objective qualities to the music no matter what because it exists as vibrations. There is physicality to it and a symmetry and polarity. The neat thing about that is as individuals, we don’t really have an emotional center to reckon that music from. You could get up one morning, listen to something, and it could be appealing to you. The next morning the same music might not do it for you. Something else would fit your mood.

GW: Absolutely. It’s something I’ve thought about.



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