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Interview: Steve Kimock

March 24th 2016

JAMBASE, March 2016
“Sage.” “Wizard.” “Virtuoso.” “Monk.”

These would be words of high praise and interesting association for anyone, but where guitarist Steve Kimock‘s concerned, they’re pretty much par for the course.

Kimock’s been wowing audiences for so long now with his cerebral, yet highly soulful style that it’s tough to consider what he hasn’t done. In the situations and ensembles he’s been part of for the past year alone — let alone a career that spans more than 40 years — you could have heard him shred electric, or tease out mystical-sounding chords on a range of steel and Hawaiian guitars, or offer up somewhat haunting, gently yielding, but never brittle tones that sound something like a night sky looks.

He’s spent a lot of time over the past few years in the Grateful Dead idiom, particularly with RatDog and also with a boogie-heavy Steve Kimock & Friends group focused on Dead and Jerry Garcia staples. But he’s never been one to pin down, and Kimock’s latest album, Last Danger of Frost (out March 18), is perhaps his post un-pin-down-able album yet.


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