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A Note from SK re: GD 50th

January 18th 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

In the wake of the Dead announcing their 50th anniversary plans, I’ve had the not entirely pleasant experience of hearing my own name come up more than a couple of times in various “passed over” for guitar chair contexts, along with misc. criticisms and second guessing of the band’s personnel solution.

I’m a bit disheartened by the negative tone of some of it.

First and foremost, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the enormous musical and cultural contributions of the Grateful Dead, recognize our debt to the positive energy that music and those musicians have graced us with and pay it back in kind.

Secondly and less importantly. .
A trip the size of the Grateful Dead is it’s own world and operates according to its own rules. I completely understand their decisions and personally have zero issues with the whole thing.

So let’s drop it.

I’ll continue to do what I can in service to the music and community in other than this Dead specific context, and will always approach those opportunities with the greatest humility and respect.

I love those guys, that band, that crew, that music, those fans.
They’ve worked really hard to get this together for everybody, and they deserve our support.

We’ve all got this one opportunity to help power lift the 50th Anniversary with the boys, be joyful, and reconnect with the energy and community we’ve been blessed with for so many years.

So, positive vibration.

Each in our own way, and so be it.

Personally, I’m very grateful.

Love, love, love, and nothing but the deepest musical respect towards Phil, Bobby, Mickey, and Bill, who have shown us so much light.

Peace. SK

P.S. Happy Birthday Martin Fierro! Oh, Chut up.


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