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Crazy Fingers: Understated guitar hero taps into funky synergy with his latest all-star quartet.

February 12th 2013

IMPROPER BOSTONIAN: February 2013- “Grateful dead guru Jerry Garcia once hailed Steve Kimock as his favorite unknown guitarist. “That was sweet of him,” Kimock says, “and unsolicited.” In turn, after Garcia’s death in 1995, the Dead’s surviving members solicited Kimock for offshoot bands Phil Lesh and Friends, the Rhythm Devils and Bob Weir’s RatDog, as well as their joint juggernaut the Other Ones. “I was there,” Kimock, 57, says of the reason he connected with members of San Francisco’s institution of psychedelic rock. “It was a very small community, and I played well enough that I got noticed. I guess I was an agreeable enough guy most of the time, so I got asked back.””[Whole Article]


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