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A beloved ZERO brother has passed…

September 15th 2013

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our beloved brother Judge Murphy passed away this afternoon at 1:05PM pst. He was in his mountain home surrounded by the deep love of his family & friends. His courage and strength have been nothing short of heroic. We love you Judge; you will be deeply missed and always remembered.

A beautiful tribute to our dear friend and compadre:
Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA 3/4/13



  1. Rob g

    After Jerry died, I could only see zero. All other rock didn’t even come close and they came around a lot to the boldt. What a blessing to have been part of Judges life for those short and late night gatherings that most of him knew him for. It really blows me away on how many random place I’ve seen zero. Thanks for a real nice time.

    Posted September 17, 2013 at 8:35 am
  2. Sid

    According to the Buddhists, Judge is still in the Bardo, a transition time after death that lasts 49 days. During this time, he can go anywhere.

    The tribute concert for Judge occurs during his Bardo, 41 days after his death.

    Let’s party down for one last time with Judge, even if he’s disembodied.

    So many times with Zero the space in the music allows innovation, inspiration, true improvisation of whatever is there at the time–many times, I hear our musical ancestors come through–John Cippolina, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Nikki Hopkins, Vince Wellneck, and, of course, trickster Martin Fierro. Judge now joins that cadre of ancestors in the long message-line of West Coast music. I expect visits, at the least expected times.

    Judge, your voice will go down through the ages calling,”Spoken For,” and in so calling, also calling us to Speak For the Earth and the biosphere that allows us to breathe, to drink water, to eat, to love, to hear music, to feel the music opening spaces and capacities we didn’t know were closed…

    Jerry, please guide Judge through the narrows to the other side, where he can shine bright and clear and stand tall with his friends, much as he did here on the embodied planet, Earth.

    I look forward to meeting with Zero friends and family to remember Judge Murphy, who played with Nikki Hopkins and John Kahn and Vince Wellneck and Martin Fierro at the Great American during the making of Chance in a Million.

    I see Judge laughing with Martin, and a few other friends who have passed on.

    Compassion and love to his family, who will miss him most.

    Posted October 17, 2013 at 9:04 am

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