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May 17th 2012
“May 15, 2012 – Burlington, VT

Set One: You Can’t Do That, Five B4 Funk, Baby Baby, Thing One >Many Rivers To Cross

Set Two: Crazy Engine (with raga intro), It’s Up To You, TLC, Ice Cream ->Watching The River Flow, Take Me To The River

As we arrived in Burlington, the rain could not wash away the walk down memory lane that I was experiencing. We were picked up by the “humble” leaders of Burlington’s radio station WBKM. We made our way through familiar streets, passing my old dorm as we went to WBKM’s studio. Steve and the group delved into a studio performance and interview. Questions were asked and answered, and listeners were treated to a glimpse of what happens in the bus after shows, which is an acoustic performance of “Crazy Engine” and “Five B4 Funk”.

As we arrived back at the Higher Ground, we were greeted by our old friend, Mike Gordon. Mike and Steve retired to the bus to pick each other’s brain and have an impromptu jam session with Steve on guitar and Mike playing a ‘stringed instrument’ on his iPad.

The show started off mellow but built momentum as it moved on. Mike, who was visibly impressed with the show, called band mate Page McConnel to head down to the show to watch Bernie Worrell do his magic.

Set Two started off with a Steve raga into “Crazy Engine”. Also during the first part of this set was a super melodic 18 min version of “Its Up To You”. This version was very unique and had me out of the merch area onto my feet watching Steve’s every move. Then, with Steve explaining to the crowd that Bernie sings us all to sleep at night, the band kicks into “Take Me To The River” with the crowd singing along.




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  1. danno

    Many thanks for the colorful commentary! I would love to see thoughts/playlists for the Middle East Show. (5/14/12) IMHO, the highlight was “You’re the One”.

    Posted May 17, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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