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May 25th 2012
05/20/12 (Sun)  Old Rock House – St. Louis, MO
Set 1: Five B4 Funk (with raga intro), You Can’t Do That, Footprints, You’re The One, TLC, Red Hot Mama

Set 2: Stella Blue, The Weight (1), Philadelphia Mambo, Whack, Yellow Moon, Super Stupid (with Aqualung teases) > You Can’t Do That

A beautiful day in St Louis! I wake up mid-morning to find myself in front of the arch. Totally blown away by the size and angle of this beautiful monument!
The Old Rock House is our venue for this evening. A lovely room with great BBQ. We all eat more than our share of the beautifully smoked pork and brisket.
Set one opens with a raga intro to Fve B4 Funk. The sound in this room is perfect for this acoustic intro, especially as the tone from the guitar makes its way to the back of the room. Also in this set is one of my favorite Kimock covers, Footprints. For a fan that has never heard this live in person, I am floored and humbled to hear it finally.

Scott Bryan and Auset Sarno join the band to play a lovely rendition of The Weight. The crowd really gets into this one, singing along word-for-word. Philadelphia Mambo and Whack really got the crowd moving. Thank you, St Louis for the great culture, vibes and of course, the BBQ!


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