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Shaking things up In Brooklyn

May 12th 2012

May 11th Brooklyn, NY With John Kimock

Set one: Five B4 Funk, Thing One, (Andy Hess on bass), Tangled Hangers, Talk About It, Blues (with Bobby Bryan on guitar and vox), Standing On Sacred Ground, (with Bobby Bryan) Take Me To The River, (with Bobby Bryan)

Set two: TLC (with John Popper and Andy Hess) with Drums, You’re The One, (with John Popper), Many Rivers To Cross (with John Popper), Family Tree (with Bobby Bryan and Violin Red), Hot Mama (with Bobby Bryan and violin with aqualung teases)

Encore: Sleepwalk

What a beautiful day in Brooklyn. Spirits are high for the show. What is to be expected of tonight’s show is tossed aside and left to fate alone. Brooklyn Bowl is a very cool venue–not your normal set up. The stage is located to the left the room, as to the right is a full on bowling alley.

The show isn’t just your ordinary show. All-star guests including Bobby Bryan and John Popper grace the stage this evening. The show kicks off with Kimock’s originals Five B4 Funk and Thing One with Andy Hess on bass. Tangled Hangers is a sigh of relief–the calm before the storm of blues. Bobby Bryan takes the stage with some blues jams.

Second set kicks off with a new number, TLC which John Popper and Andy Hess help the band to kick into overdrive. John Popper also helps the performance of Many Rivers to Cross one that will stay with me till the end of time. You can see that Steve and John are on the same cosmic plane feeding off each other. From the highs and lows of the song, you’d think that they had rehearsed this a million times. But they didn’t. This is just one of those moments in time that one can hold on to and say “Hey man, I was there.”

The show closes with one of my favorite of Steve’s cover songs, Sleepwalk. A classic tune that can never be played-out as far as I’m concerned. Thanks to Bobby Bryan, Andy Hess and John Popper for making this show a breath of fresh air!












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