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~One last ride~ June 4 Howard Theatre – Washington, D.C.

June 10th 2012

Set One:
Congo Man Chant ->
Get Up Stand Up
Baby Baby
Cole’s Law ->
Tangled Hangers
Burning Down The House

Set Two:
A New Africa
You’re The One
You Can’t Do That ->
Super Stupid ->
You Can’t Do That
Hey Man
Many Rivers To Cross
Red Hot Mama (with Aqualung and Riders On The Storm teases) (with 9 girls dancing on stage)

Monday morning comes abruptly. The dawn of the last show on spring tour quickly rises. I rub my eyes and make my way off the bus to the busy street. I find my way into the Howard Theater. As I walk into the hall, I’m taken aback by the stunning beauty of this theater. For those who don’t know, the Howard Theater is one of the most historic in the USA; being the spot that birthed a lot of historic acts. Recently restored, the Howard Theater takes on a new look to fit the modern times.

The day breezes by as I scramble to catch up on work and also to gather the troops for a band photo. Not such an easy task! I go about my day not trying to think about this being the last show of the tour. This was a chance of a lifetime for me. To be amongst musicians of this caliber on a daily basis is priceless. To have learned so much from people that have been in the industry 30 years plus is a god-send. Looking back I am humbled by this opportunity.

Set one kicks off with “TLC.” The “Congo Man Chant” “Get Up Stand Up” melody gets the crowd singing along in unison to Bob’s timeless anthem, “Don’t give up the fight.” Hearing this song on this tour, those words hung in the back of my head the entire ride. One of my favorite songs in my life’s soundtrack, “Cole’s Law” into “Tangled Hangers” is just what I need this night. Being blessed to be present for it as the notes ring through the theater and gently rest in our ears. This song always has a way to make me emotional. But that’s the beauty of this music. That’s why we are come together night after night!

Reggae-influenced set two starts off with “A New Africa.” It is great to see that during set two most of the then-seated people are now on their feet! New tune “Hey Man” has me in the crowd myself, dancing along to Wally’s one-drop style drumming. One more “Many Rivers To Cross” is a beautiful instrumental homage to Jimmy Cliff’s tune–shows us that indeed the tour maybe over. But there’s always rivers to cross and cities to conquer. Bernie closes out the show with a great rendition of “Red Hot Mama,” which also sparks the return on the dancing girl phenomenon.

Thanks to everyone involved for this spring tour, from the fans to the crew to the band. You’re all amazing people that come together for the love of music. I’ll never forget this tour. My first, with its struggles and its triumphs! I carry with me all the inside jokes from the bus that still make me laugh! Steve, Bernie, Andy and Wally: you guys are really something else. From the humor and music on the bus to the stage, you guys kept it real. Learned a lot from you guys. The crew Charlie and Brian: thanks for teaching me life on the road. Charlie, you rock! Brian you’re really one-of-a-kind, being patient with me and showing me the right way. Forever grateful. Jenn and Howard: thank you both beyond words for the opportunity. Know how much it means. You guys are beautiful.

Well till next time folks,

with love and light




  1. brian m

    very nice!!!! Good for you Daniel 🙂

    Posted June 10, 2012 at 4:46 pm
  2. kem

    Thank you for taking us with you~
    It has helped the no-tour angst for sure!

    Posted June 12, 2012 at 8:48 am
  3. KwaveD

    Right on Dan! This tour will be marked as an(other) important highlight in Kimock’s storied career. I am very grateful to have been there for the small portion that I was able to be a part of. Hope to see you again soon and also to see this INCREDIBLE band perform again as well! Kudos to all involved for an amazing journey and good times 🙂

    Posted June 13, 2012 at 7:35 am
  4. thanks everyone!! full joy. Looking forward to seeing some of your faces on the ever so beautiful west coast. Love and light!!

    Posted June 14, 2012 at 8:31 am

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