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Kicking Off Tour With a Hometown Show…

May 10th 2012

May 9th Bethlehem, PA

Sound-check: High and Lonesome, cool Blues Jam, Crazy Engine, Baby Baby, One For Brother Mike, Red Hot Mama

Set one: SK Solo raga; Five B4 Funk, Nana’s Chalk Pipe, Sun Sun Sun, Watching the River Flow, TLC Tongue n Groove

Set two: It’s Up to You, Crazy Engine, A New Africa, Many Rivers to cross, Long Form Part Four, Red Hot Mama

Greetings friends!! Welcome to our tour blog, where you will find set-lists as well as some select photos/audio. This is just a little glimpse of what happens on this epic spring tour. Tour kicked off Wednesday with a home town show at ArtsQuest in Bethlehem, PA. Strong history with that venue. Very industrious backdrop to a great stage. The band takes stage to a eager crowd. Lots of familiar faces as friends and family sit with fans to watch the show.  Steve starts the show with a hypnotic solo acoustic raga into a fan favorite that is Five b4 funk.
Its beautiful to see a crowed that’s so familiar with Steves music. I had the blessing to hear from alot of people who had grown up with Steve and knew from then on that his path in life was paved by music.

Tongue n groove brought alot of people to there feet as they swayed in unison. It was cool to see Crazy Engine played, which was introduced during the tour in 2009. Lots of great songs from Steves musical catalog on this tour. Mixed in with some new works older but revamped tunes will show there faces along this tour. Stay tuned each show for some select tracks, videos, and of course photos to be uploaded to this blog.


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