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June 3 The Abbey Bar – Harrisburg, PA

June 8th 2012

Set One:
Baby Baby
Bad Hair
TLC (with Come Together tease)
Ice Cream ->
Bongo Man ->
Ice Cream
Stella Blue

Set Two:
Nana’s Chalk Pipe
Philadelphia Mambo ->
You Can’t Do That
Come Together/The Thrill Is Gone (with Riders On The Storm tease)
Red Hot Mama (with Aqualung intro)

What a scene. As we take the industrial elevator up two floors to load in, we are greeted by a room full of people. As I rub my eyes since I just woke up, I’m surprised that there is not only a retirement party going on in the stage room, but also a wedding. We all look at one another with shit-eating grins as we shrug our shoulders and start to build the stage.

Set one starts off with Kimock classics “Baby Baby” and “Bad Hair.” Also in this set is everyone’s favorite, “Ice Cream,” which leads into what started as a on-the-bus-only jam “Bongo Man” and back into “Ice Cream”. A beautiful rendition of “Stella Blue” closes the set as the newlyweds take one more opportunity to share their love during a slow dance.

Fast-paced set two again shows how great this band truly is. From “Nana’s Chalk Pipe” to the closing song of “Red Hot Mama,” the band brings us to new places with their highs and lows. Blasting us off into outer space and gently bringing us back to the ground as smoothly as we took off. Being the second to the last show of the tour, I can’t help but be a little sad knowing that this tour of a lifetime is nearing its end.


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