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Epic night in Boston

May 17th 2012

05/14/12 (Mon)  Middle East – Cambridge, MA

Set 1: A New Africa, Philly Mambo, Hey Man (Van Martin), Nana’s Chalk Pipe, TLC, You’re the One
Set 2: You Can’t Do That, Cole’s Law, Tangled Hangers, Stella Blue, Super Stupid (Van Martin)

As soon as I arrive in Cambridge I’m greeted by some fellow Kimock fans. They greet me with open arms as though we have met a million times before. This is their first show, being Steve’s new, younger fan base. Right off the bat, I can tell that this show is going be one that we remember for some time. The Middle East is a small room with low ceilings. The stage being small leaves it once again be a up close and personal show.

This is the first show of the tour with Andy Hess, and already the band is on fire. The show kicks off with a killer version of “A New Africa.” It sores through the clouds, falling from the sky into a fierce one-drop beat. New original “Hey Man,” joined by Van Martin, also delves into a rub-a-dub style. It’s great to see that this band has a strong reggae root to it. Experimenting with different sections of songs is allowing the band to really get into the groove.

The second set gives way to one of my favorite tunes of all time, “Cole’s Law.” The more people I talk to on the road say how this song holds a special place in there hearts. I could not agree with them more. “Cole’s Law” long ago found its place in my life’s soundtrack. This being the first time it’s been played on this tour, I was overjoyed. It was a really brilliant version. Thats one thing I love about Steve: the songs are never the same.

This time around Steve allows a lot of space for Bernie to do his thing. Without missing a beat, the band shoots into “Tangled Hangers.” The rhythm section in this band is super tight. Wally’s percussion skills really shines through this night. Steve puts down his guitar to help Wally with percussion. What a treat!! The show ends with The Grateful Dead’s “Stella Blue,” which always makes the crowd go nuts. Van Martin joins the band once again to end the show with Super Stupid. I want to thank Bostons fans for such positive comments and overall vibe!! See you soon!!!!




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  1. danno

    5B4Funk was also in the second set. There was so much music that night… it’s still dancing in my head.

    Posted May 18, 2012 at 1:50 pm

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