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dancing girls of bloomington

May 25th 2012
05/21/12 (Mon)  The Bluebird – Bloomington, IN
Set 1: Me On The Bus > Crazy Engine, The Weight, Congo Man Chant > Get Up Stand Up, Bad Hair, Whack, Red Hot MamaSet 2: Nana’s Chalk Pipe, A New Africa, High And Lonesome, 54-46 (Was My Number), You Can’t Do That > Super Stupid > You Can’t Do That, It’s Up To You, Take Me To The River
Really love the energy here in Bloomington, Indiana. It puts me in a great mood to see everyone’s smiles. The show opens with a solo Steve telling the crowed that, “this is me on the bus,” opening with a solo raga. Once again, an instrumental by Steve’s request. Since he loved playing it so much the night before, “The Weight” sparks with the crowd taking over all vocals.
This leads way to a favorite of mine on this tour, “Congo Man Chant-Get Up, Stand Up.” It’s great to see the crowd realize that they’re hearing an instrumental jam of Marley’s classic “Get Up, Stand Up.” A few times people come up to me and ask if this is really happening. Yes friends, it is.
Set two gives way to a melodic “A New Africa” and “High and Lonesome”.  These songs and overall energy show how much of an amazing band this is. Leading from a funk number into a slow jam the next. Never missing a beat, never dropping a thing. This band is really something else. Nothing like it out there.
Come see what all the hype is about! Just do it! What I love more about  this set is that some lovely members of the audience climbed to the stage and treated us to some hypnotic dancing. We got what we wanted after all this time. A party band!

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  1. I love this BAND!

    Posted May 28, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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