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A Night in Portland

May 15th 2012

Set One: Steve Solo Raga > Crazy Engine, Nana’s Chalk Pipe, TLC, 54-46, Long Form Part Four, Super Stupid

Set Two: Tongue n Groove, Hey Man, A New Africa, Five B4 Funk > Many Rivers to Cross, Watching the River Flow, Take Me to the River

Greetings from the ever so beautiful Portland, Maine. What a lovely city it is. We arrive in front of Cumberland County Civic center as a college graduation commences. A bit overwhelmed by the amount of people, some of us make our way into the city explore. Port City Music Hall is a cool room. Large windows open to the street offer a taste of what’s to come for the evening.

The show kicks off with Steve doing a “Solo Raga” which leads right into “Crazy Engine.” Also in set one is a killer version of “Long Form Part Four,” which the crowd is very pleased to be hearing. Nice to see a room were the sound travels at will to the back of the room.

For one such as myself who loves Steve’s slower songs, Set Two’s opener brought an ear-to-ear smile. “Tongue n Groove” kicks off the set with grace, leading into a new original, “Hey Man.” “A New Africa,” which now takes on many different personalities, sets the crowd into a groove. Bernie closes the show out with a soulful “Watching The River Flow,” followed by a memorable “Take Me To the River.” Bernie’s voice comes out strong, not touched by time…



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